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  1. Are Trusleep memory mattresses ok for slatted bases?

    Yes any bed base that is firm is ideal, the slats will not cause any problems.
  2. Can I use an electric blanket?

    In the long term it can break down the memory cells, but is ok to use one just to warm the bed and not leave it on all night.
  3. What does 60Kg/m3 mean?/ Is it better to go for higher density?

    The higher the kg/m3 the higher the density of memory foam.
    Contrary to some mis-information communicated by a number of suppliers, it is not always better to go for a higher density. When choosing a memory foam mattress (or any other mattress for that matter) 'comfort' or 'feel' plays an important part. Naturally, the higher the density, the firmer the mattress. However, very few people feel comfortable on very firm mattresses. As a matter of fact, most people prefer a medium-to-firm feel. Also, the 'support' your mattress provides is equally as important as how it 'feels'. Most people who suffer from back pain will benefit from a more supportive memory foam mattress than one with less support as it will keep the spinal column in the correct anatomical alignment and therefore alleviate pain caused by a contorted sleeping position.
  4. Do your mattresses have a mattress cover?/ What is Stess-FreeTM fabric? 

    Yes. all Trusleep memory mattresses come supplied with a special zip-off cover. Trusleep tailor-make the covers for all our mattresses from Stress-FreeTM  fabric which is a four-way stretch fabric that has been specifically designed and woven for foam mattresses.
  5. Why are Trusleep mattresses so inexpensive when compared to other brands such as  Tempur or Komfi ?
    We are the manufacturer and only supply direct to the customer online and therefore donít incur the same overheads as other conventional retailers. We use only the highest quality visco elastic foam and all our mattresses are supplied with removable zip-off covers. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our mattresses that we offer a 'no-quibble' 30-NIGHT FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and all our mattresses come with a 10 Year Guarantee. The question should be  "Why is the Tempur Pedic mattress so expensive?!"

  6. Is the memory mattress good for bad backs and joint problems?
    Yes, a memory mattresses are renowned in helping to support and cushion the problems associated with bak pain making it more comfortable to sleep. See the Trusleep Ortho TM.
  7. I have heard that you can buy spring memory mattresses?

    These do not last as long as foam based memory mattresses and are cheaper to manufacture.
  8. Do memory mattresses get hotter than normal mattresses?

    No, the memory foam is breathable. However, due to the way in which memory foam works more of your body is in contact with the sleep surface which greatly enhances pressure relief due to the body's weight being dispersed over a greater area. This increase in body-contact will naturally result in a 'warmer' or 'cosier' sleep experience which is welcomed by most people (especially in winter). If you prefer a cooler sleep surface or you suffer from excessive sleep perspiration then it is worth considering Trusleep's advanced 'AirflowTM ' mattress which has been designed with you in mind.
  9. What are the mattress sizes in cm?

    The following is a list of our standard mattress sizes (available for next day delivery);

    Small Single:

       75 x 190 cm

     2'6"x 6'3"


       90 x 190 cm

     3'0"x 6'3"

    Small Double:

     120 x 190 cm 

     4'0"x 6'3"


     135 x 190 cm 

     4'6"x 6'3"


     150 x 200 cm

     5'0"x 6'6"

    Euro King:

     160 x 200 cm

     5'4"x 6'6"


     180 x 200 cm

     6'0"x 6'6"

    Trusleep mattresses are also available in all other non-standard sizes (i.e. four-foot, IKEA, adjustable-bed etc). In fact, we can supply you with any size or shape of mattress you want. The process for ordering non-standard sizes is very simple and can be seen on our 'Build Your Own Mattress' page which can be accessed by clicking on the 'Custom' size links on any of the product pages. Non-standard size or shape mattresses are made to order and are delivered within 48 hours of you order being confirmed.

  10. Are they OK for adjustable beds?

    Yes they are ideal for adjustable beds as the memory mattress will conform or 'bend' with the underlying base.
  11. Can you use a memory foam topper on its own?

    Yes you can. Some customers have bought them to use when camping or to use as a spare mattress for guests. However, to get the full benefits it is best to use a soft base.
  12. Can you use a memory foam topper with a SOFA BED?

    We have  supplied memory foam toppers to many satisfied sofa bed customers. The foam mattresses which come supplied as standard with most sofa beds will never give the required support for a half-decent nights sleep. The Trusleep T300 Topper is your best option for sofa bed use. Most sofabed mattresses are not the same size as bed mattresses and would have to be ordered through our Custom size option. The only downside to opting for a memory foam topper to replace your sofabed mattress is that some unwanted guests may overstay their welcome (mother-in-law?).
  13. When my memory foam pillow and overlay arrived they where quite hard.  Why?

    One of the characteristics of visco elastic foam is it's reaction to temperature.  Cold temperature makes the foam much firmer.  Once the foam is exposed to room temperature and your body heat the foam will become supple and supportive.  You should allow up to an hour at room temperature to allow the foam to soften before use.;
  14. Can memory foam be dry cleaned or machine washed?
    Do not machine wash or dry clean visco elastic foam.  You can only spot wash the foam by hand and let dry naturally on a flat surface.  Do not place into a dryer.

10 Good Reasons to buy a Trusleep Memory Mattress

  1. Perfect for everyone

    Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, memory foam mattresses are perfect for you. Memory foam moulds, contours and cradles every part of your body allowing you to get into your most comfortable position naturally.
  2. Won't disturb your partner

    Memory foam contours to your body's exact contours, and your partners. If you get up at night your partners portion of the bed remains undisturbed.
  3. Chiropractic support

    Memory foam supports every part of your body evenly and individually. This allows the spine to stay in a natural position. Memory foam reduces pressure points on your spine and assists in reducing tossing and turning at night.
  4. Outstanding Warranty

    We give a ten year warranty on all memory foam mattresses.
  5. Hypoallergenic

    Foam mattresses are great for allergy sufferers. Memory foam is hypoallergenic.
  6. No Flip Styling

    Foam mattresses don't sag like conventional mattresses. You will never need to flip or turn a memory foam mattress.
  7. NASA developed

    Memory foam was developed by NASA to reduce G-Forces on astronauts during take off. Memory foam mattresses prove to be the best sleep systems modern technology can offer.
  8. Comfort and luxury
    Memory foam mattresses create a sleeping experience where you are cradled in comfort and luxury, while providing you the best nights sleep. Just ask anyone who has one!
  9. No more dust mites

    Most beds and mattresses are great environments for dust mites. Memory foam is naturally resistant to dust mites and is naturally anti microbial.
  10. Recommended by thousands of health professionals

    Thousands of doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists recommend visco-elastic foam mattresses for their patients. Many patients report deeper sleep, less tossing and turning and diminished pain.



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