Trusleep CoolBlue Pillow

Trusleep CoolBlue Pillow
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Trusleep Memory Foam Pillow white 2450x300 (2)-400
Trusleep Memory Foam Pillow white 450x300-400
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The Trusleep CoolBlue™ Memory Foam Pillow is designed to mould to the shape of your head and neck. It's filling consists purely of thousands of memory foam flakes which constantly adjust to provide the correct anatomical support and pressure relief  enabling you to enjoy a more restfull nights sleep without the need for fluffing or adjusting.

The sleep experience is further enhanced with the advanced CoolBlue™ memory foam 'wrap' which offers all the benefits of regular memory foam but without the associated heat discomfort i.e. you don't get as warm as you might on regular memory foam. The pillow is finished off in a hygienic white poly-cotton outer shell.

Manufactured in the UK from premium grade CoolBlue™ and  Vasco™ memory foam.

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