Memory Foam Pillow – Types of Dreams

Dreams are an intriguing part of our lives, and if you want a good night’s sleep you should invest in quality bedding such as the memory foam pillow. 

In recent years the world has advanced – technology has changed how we communicate, travel and are entertained. It’s a wonder then that as sleep is such a central part of our lives and can impact on the quality and health of our waking life, that more advances haven’t taken place in the world of beds and bedding. But there have been advances – scientists with NASA developed memory foam to help astronauts cope with G Forces. Memory foam was used for pilots and in specialist places such as burns units in hospitals. But recently, memory foam mattresses and memory foam pillows became available for everyone.

Memory foam pillow for deep sleep 

It’s no wonder that memory foam pillows have arrived on the marketplace – a good night’s sleep is conducive to dreaming, and civilisations have been fascinated with the role of dreams for centuries. The significance of dreams is the subject of many theories, but if you sleep on a memory foam pillow, you will certainly sleep deeply enough to reach REM state – when dreams begin.

Dreams can turn into nightmares 

Although we buy high quality bedding such as the memory foam pillow in order to get a good night’s sleep, and we equate a good night’s sleep with sweet dreams, dreams can be difficult too.

  • Nightmares 

Dreams can be nightmares where our deepest fears are relived in convincing detail. Nightmares can leave us anxious and fearful. Some believe they can be triggered by real life traumas and are a way of addressing these difficulties.

  • Recurring Dreams 

Often nightmares can recur, some therapists believe this is a way of trying to solve buried traumas and are a prompt telling us that we need to address a problem.

  • Daydreams 

Daydreaming is a conscious way of expressing our hopes and fears – although it’s not important to be comfortable enough to sleep, a memory foam pillow can help you drift away – especially when you consider we can spend on average up to 2 hours a day daydreaming. Some day dreams are positive, such as dreaming of success or love, but others can reflect fears of failure and guilt, such as daydreaming about revenge, escape or disaster.

  • Creative Dreams 

If you are an artist, musician or writer, it’s important to invest in quality bedding that can help induce sleep such as the memory foam pillow. Creative dreams can be a powerful source for art. Stories such as Frankenstein and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde have been attributed by their authors as inspired by a dream. Paul McCartney famously said he dreamt up ‘Yesterday’ – one of the most successful songs in music history.

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