Memory Foam Pillow – The Ultimate Pillow Fight

If you’re going to have a pillow fight, use a memory foam pillow!

Memory foam pillow – the best weapon? 

Pillow fights are no longer just the domain of six year olds. Pillow fights have been used for political protest, random acts of fun and even vandalising art. And if you’re going to have a pillow fight, the memory foam pillow has to be the best weapon of choice.

Memory foam pillow – superior pillows 

Unlike feather pillows or conventional foam pillows, the memory foam pillow doesn’t loose its shape, it moulds to the head and is heat sensitive, so doesn’t need to be constantly fluffed up. In a pillow fight then, its superiority is unmatched!

  • Pillow fights and peaceful political protest 

In 2005 protesters highlighted unfair trade to commuters in the City of London by staging a pillow fight. The protest was held before the G8 summit to try and raise awareness on the crucial issue.

  • Pillow fights and flash mobbing

A growing trend – Flash Mobbing – where large groups of people congregate to do the same thing saw a mass pillow fight in Jersey in the Channel Islands. Advertised online, the Pillow Fight Club rules were to tell everyone about the Pillow Fight Club, turn up with a pillow in hand, and only fight other pillow carriers. Feather pillows were used and a huge clean up operation had to be undertaken after the event – if only they’d used a memory foam pillow!

  • Feathers flew at internet inspired fight

But it seems nobody learnt from the feather pillows – perhaps memory foam pillows are just too comfortable to give up to a pillow fight. In Leicester an anonymous cyber invite saw scores of people wielding their pillows in a mass pillow fight.

  • Pillows and art 

Although some might think the memory foam pillow is a work of art in its own right, it’s no wonder that beds and bedding can inspire artists. Beds are central places for sleep, dreams and of course, sex. Tracy Emin’s famous art installation, ‘An Unmade Bed’ caused controversy when it was entered for the Turner Prize. Some felt it shouldn’t be classed as art. Nevertheless, it was destroyed by a pillow fight between two men at the Tate Gallery in London – perhaps they were making their own artistic statement.

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