Memory Foam Pillow – Sleep Well, Be Safe

Research has shown that if you don’t get enough sleep you could be putting your life at risk. Invest in a memory foam pillow for a good night’s sleep. 

Everybody knows how horrible it can feel if you don’t get a good night’s sleep – you feel groggy and irritable, it can be hard to concentrate and you can even feel sick. If you are constantly tossing and turning because your pillows just don’t feel comfortable, you could end up sleep deprived. A memory foam pillow will mould to your neck and head and won’t go flat like a conventional pillow – so you won’t feel the need to toss, turn and fluff up your pillows all night.

Don’t risk your life 

It might sound extreme, but if you can’t sleep because your pillow is too uncomfortable you could be risking your life. A good night’s sleep is central to good health, and sleep deficiency – just for one night – can be the equivalent of drinking alcohol to excess when it comes to functioning in your day to day life. A memory foam pillow will help you relax and put your body at rest for a decent night’s sleep.

Invest in a memory foam pillow 

Sleep disruption because you wake up suddenly with a stiff neck because of poor quality pillows can have a serious affect on the body. A memory foam pillow will ensure all the pressure points are completely supported so you can feel free to drift off to sleep. Sleep deprivation and long hours at work can all add to anxiety and depression and cause long term health problems.

Importance of a memory foam pillow 

Everyone knows the importance of a good bed and pillow for a restful night, and memory foam pillows could be the answer for you.

One of the major risks as a result of poor sleep or sleep deprivation is the people who sit behind the wheel of a car. Driving with sleep deprivation will increase the risk of accidents, and those who sleep less than six hours a night it has been suggested could be putting themselves at ‘very serious risk’ according to researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Sleep well, keep safe 

It’s thought that sleep deprivation is behind two out of three road accidents in America. Investing in a high quality bed, comfortable and supportive mattresses and a memory foam pillow should all be priorities if you want to improve the quality of your sleeping life and ensure you are not putting yourself at risk as a result of sleep deprivation.

The Trusleep Memory Foam Pillow is better than conventional fibre or feather pillows. They don’t go flat during sleep but mould to the shape of your head and neck to provide the correct support. For high quality memory foam pillows at competitive prices, Trusleep memory foam pillows are available online with free next day delivery. To find out more contact Trusleep, telephone 01254 268871 or E-mail:

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