Memory Foam Pillow – Dream Theory

Ever since Freud, dream theory has become a fascinating area of research – and a memory foam pillow could help you drop off to the land of nod. 

If you are interested in what your dreams might mean, you need to have experienced REM sleep. If you have continual disturbed sleep however, it can be hard to get into this latter stage of the sleep cycle. If you have a stiff neck, poor pillows can aggravate the problem, which is where a memory foam pillow could help. The memory foam pillow is made from material developed by NASA to withstand the G forces astronauts can be subjected to. The memory foam pillow cleverly moulds to the weight of your head and neck and accommodates all the pressure points providing an ideal support for a good night’s sleep.

The memory foam pillow for sweet dreams 

Freud began the science and trend of dream theory – but there were plenty of psychoanalysts who followed in his fascinating steps. Sleep and dreams have always been a huge part of our cultural and spiritual belief systems throughout history, and inventions and developments in beds and bedding, such as the memory foam pillow, have all reflected how important a good night’s sleep and the ensuing dreams are to us. The memory foam pillow and mattresses used to be available for specialist purposes – including astronauts and pilots. But now the memory foam pillow is now available for anyone who is keen to experience a sound night’s sleep.

Carl Jung and the theory of dreams 

Carl Jung believed dreams had more meaning than Freud. Freud believed they were an expression of repressed sexual impulses. Jung felt dreams however were based in mythology; he felt there was a Collective Unconscious, which was identical in all of us. Jung also believed Archetypes were in everyone’s dreams and that dreams offered us revelations that could help our day to day lives and the psychological difficulties faced in our waking lives. The memory foam pillow is an example of how technology has advanced to help us reach REM sleep and ensure that dreams happen every night.

The memory foam pillow – Dream Theories 

Since Freud and Jung there have been many explorations into the meaning of dreams. Some believe dreaming is the brain’s way of ordering the day’s experiences – a way of clearing out the mind. Others believe dreams are necessary to release daily tensions. It is clear, whatever they mean they are necessary to our well being. If you value your dreams and a good night’s sleep, it’s worth investing in quality bedding, such as the memory foam pillow.

The Trusleep Memory Foam Pillow is better than conventional fibre or feather pillows. They don’t go flat during sleep but mould to the shape of your head and neck to provide the correct support. For high quality memory foam pillows at competitive prices, Trusleep memory foam pillows are available online with free next day delivery. To find out more contact Trusleep, telephone 01254 268871 or E-mail:

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