Memory Foam Pillow – Avoid Neck Ache

If you sleep on a sagging pillow or on too many pillows it can cause agony when you wake up – which is where a memory foam pillow can help. 

We’ve all experienced it – whether it is staying over at a friend’s house or in a bed and breakfast or kipping in an airport or on a plane – neck ache. It’s at times like that you realise how important a good pillow to support your weary, heavy head is. Memory foam pillows are perfect for a good night’s sleep – it moulds to the contours of your head, so you aren’t constantly tossing and turning trying to get the right comfort and support.

Pillow Talk – The Memory Foam pillow 

There is a myth that a bed burdened with plentiful and buoyant pillows is the ultimate in comfort. The fact is you can have too many pillows. It’s great to have half a dozen pillows if you are sitting up drinking tea or reading a book – but once you lie down you should be more or less horizontal. Being horizontal is important in your physiology to encourage oncoming sleep, and a memory foam pillow is the perfect way of getting the angle and support just right. The wrong kind of pillows can leave your head too high or too low – the result? A restless night of tossing, turning and plumping up the pillows – and a stiff neck. A sharp angle caused by the wrong kind of or amount of pillows can have a serious impact on your neck and spine.

Memory foam pillow for restful nights 

A memory foam pillow is perfect for a restful night’s sleep and memory foam moulds to your body and is heat sensitive – it is proven to reduce tossing and turning by up to 80% which can only result in a deeper more undisturbed sleep. Pillows are a necessary comfort. If you have experienced trying to sleep on a long haul flight with just a screwed up jumper or coat for support, you’ll know how hard it is to encourage sleep without a memory foam pillow to take the brunt.

The comfort of a memory foam pillow 

Over in Japan, single women know the comfort a good pillow can provide – the Boyfriend’s Arm Pillow is shaped like a man’s torso with one sturdy arm. The singletons who snapped up the pillow said it made them feel warm, relaxed and safe. And a pillow will never betray you! Although it’s only available in Japan, the memory foam pillow offers everyone a comforting, relaxing night’s sleep that won’t leave a crick in your neck.

The Trusleep Memory Foam Pillow is better than conventional fibre or feather pillows. They don’t go flat during sleep but mould to the shape of your head and neck to provide the correct support. For high quality memory foam pillows at competitive prices, Trusleep memory foam pillows are available online with free next day delivery. To find out more contact Trusleep, telephone 01254 268871 or E-mail:

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