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Sleeping on memory foam mattresses can be conducive to dreaming. Did you know that our brains are even more active asleep than awake? 

Sleep is just as important to human life as breathing and eating. If we don’t sleep properly we suffer – increasing the risk of accidents and reducing our ability to function cognitively. Its important then that people do not take their beds and mattresses for granted. Investing in memory foam mattresses for your family could be a major contribution to their physical and emotional health and well- being.

Sleep deprivation? Try memory foam mattresses 

If you don’t have comfortable mattresses you could be making falling asleep harder than it should be. Memory foam mattresses work because they mould to your body and are heat sensitive providing ideal sleeping conditions. Memory foam mattresses support the back and pressure points so you can be sure of a comfortable night with no bumps or lumps. You should not underestimate the importance of good memory foam mattresses. Sleep research reveals sleep deprivation can: 

  • Impact on cognitive functioning – putting you more at risk of accidents, even potentially fatal accidents if you drive a car or operate machinery.
  • Affect emotional and physical health
  • Be a sign of stress, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety
  • Research also suggests sleep deprivation can increase the risk of obesity as appetite hormones are disrupted.

Memory foam mattresses conducive to sound sleep 

It can be hard to get the average 7.75 hours of sleep needed however if you are uncomfortable or you have a disturbed sleep. Memory foam mattresses can help reduce or eliminate discomfort to help you sleep more soundly.

The meaning of dreams 

Sigmund Freud famously analyzed and explored dreams and what they mean through his own unconscious mind. As a result, a whole research area opened up into the study of dreams. Freud believed that dreams were an outlet to repressed sexual desires. He felt that civilisation repressed the primitive impulses in our conscious day to day world and dreams were an outlet for our unconscious desires. It is felt by Freudians that if we didn’t dream it could have profound psychological side effects, although since Freud, many have questioned his beliefs that were based on sexual symbols and meanings. Whatever dreams mean, they are an important part of our lives and if you want sweet dreams, memory foam mattresses can help you achieve a deep and comfortable sleep.

Trusleep provide high quality memory foam mattresses at competitive prices. Trusleep memory foam mattresses are available online with free next day delivery and come with a ten year guarantee. Made in the UK, the mattresses conform to all safety and flammability standards. The memory foam mattress is ideal for back pain sufferers, relives pressure and moulds to individual body shapes. To find out more contact Trusleep, telephone 01254 268871 or E-mail:

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