Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Healthy Bedding

Is your bedding making you ill? Choose a memory foam mattress topper for healthy bedding. 

We all spend huge amounts of time and money worrying about our diets and healthy lifestyles – but what about our bedding. Could our bedding really be making us ill? Research has shown in America that half of all households have levels of dust mites in their bedding which can cause allergies and asthma. So yes, our bedding can make us ill, which is why it’s worth investing in a dust mite resistant memory foam mattress topper.

Your bedding could make you ill 

Vacuum cleaners sucked samples of dust from across households in the US to find out the extent of the problem – the fact that half of the country is vulnerable to the allergy triggering mites is probably true for UK households too. There are ways however that you can reduce dust mites, including:

  • Investing in a memory foam mattress
  • If you already have a new mattress, investing in a memory foam mattress topper
  • Washing bed linen weekly on a hot wash
  • Ironing bed linen – the heat will help destroy the mites

What did the recent research study find in America? 

The researchers found that more then ever, it is vital that residents invest in allergic and dust mite resistant bedding, including a memory foam mattress topper. They found: 

  • 45% of households had bedding with dust mite allergens above 2 micrograms per gram of dust – the level at which allergies develop
  • 17% of homes had cockroach problems
  • 44 million homes in America were at risk of asthma because of their bedding.

Memory foam mattress topper – reduce the risk of allergy 

The findings don’t bode well for the UK, and consumers are increasingly being encouraged to find ways to reduce the risk of asthma, such as buying a memory foam mattress topper. Asthma is increasing in children and can potentially be fatal. Reducing exposure to dust mites can help reduce the severity of an asthma attack. Even if you don’t have asthma or allergies, the levels of dust mite allergen found in households are a significant risk for the development of allergies and asthma.

Invest in a memory foam mattress topper 

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to protect your family from dust mites. Good housekeeping and allergen proof bedding, such as a memory foam mattress topper could reduce the risks.

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