Memory Foam Mattress Topper and Dust Mites

If you have concerns about sleeping with unfavourable bed companions - namely dust mites - it’s time you invested in a memory foam mattress topper. 

Dust mites are ugly. And they are everywhere – the Kings of carpets who make uncomfortable bed partners. They rule our households even if we can’t see them. One of the main reasons people buy a memory foam mattress topper is because the material is dust mite resistant. Dust mites are found in 95% of homes and it is important to get rid of them if you have emphysema or any asthmatics in your family or if you have an allergy to dust mites.

What exactly is a dust mite? 

They are not easy to see, measuring just 1.23mm by 1.100mm. An arachnid, it has eight legs. The mouth and antennae are at the front of its body, forming a ‘feeding head’. Although they hang out en mass, you need a microscope to see them. They feed on the flakes of skin shed from humans The more you think about the dust mite, the more quickly you’ll want to buy a memory foam mattress topper to protect yourself from the tiny critters. 

Vacuuming has little effect on the dust mites. And a dust mite’s favourite habitat is the human bedroom. If you don’t have a memory foam mattress topper or memory foam mattress, it is estimated that:

  • A double bed mattress can hold up to two million dust mites
  • A six year old pillow can consist of up to a tenth of its weight in dust mite bodies and faeces
  • Our respiration in bed provides the arachnids with the moisture they need to survive – heavily watered plants and humidifiers also help them thrive

Dust mite resistant memory foam mattress topper 

Bedrooms are so popular thanks to the fact humans – the main food and water source for dust mites – spend the majority of their time (albeit asleep) in that room. Bedrooms are typically made up of more upholstery such as carpet, curtains and wall hangings to make their habitat a comfortable one. If you suffer from allergies, it’s worth investing in a dust mite resistant memory foam mattress topper. Moisture is also key as dust mites lose water laying eggs and defecating. The mites huddle together in clusters to retain moisture.

Why buy a memory foam mattress topper? 

If you have an existing new mattress that isn’t as comfortable as you’d hoped, the memory foam mattress topper will help. It was also help protect you from dust mites that are linked with asthma and allergic reactions.

The Trusleep Memory Foam Topper is ideal if you have recently bought a mattress that isn’t as comfortable as you hoped. Made to high standards with dry-cleanable zip-off covers for extra hygiene and comfort, you won’t find better value. Trusleep memory foam mattress toppers are available online with free next day delivery. To find out more contact Trusleep, telephone 01254 268871 or E-mail: info@trusleep.comClick here: Memory Foam Mattress, Pillow and Topper Articles to read more articles on memory foam mattresses, pillows and toppers.


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