Memory Foam Mattress – The Science of Sleep

We spend a third of our lives sleeping – so you should ensure you invest in high quality beds and a memory foam mattress. 

The land of nod is a mysterious place which needs no maps or compasses. But sleeping is a central part of how we live and function. Buying a good quality bed and memory foam mattress is perhaps the best investment you could ever make. More than a car or flash TV, a memory foam mattress will have a real impact on the quality of your life.

The science of sleep 

Sleep has been the subject of research and scientific exploration for hundreds of years and still remains a mysterious zone. Why do we sleep? 

  • Some believe to allow the body to recuperate and refresh
  • Sleep maintains our cognitive abilities such as being able to function in term of speech, memory and other cognitive behaviours
  • Sleep helps the brain develop

Invest in a memory foam mattress 

All of the above indicate why it is so important to invest in a good memory foam mattress and comfortable pillows. We spend a lot of money on things that help the quality of our waking hours – entertainment systems, games and gadgets – so spending money on good quality memory foam mattresses and other products that aid sleep should be a priority.

If we don’t sleep properly, it impacts on: 

  • The brain’s ability to function effectively – grogginess and irritability as well as poor memory function can all be massively increased just by losing one night’s sleep.
  • Concentration and attention span is decreased – not good if lives depend on you if you are a doctor of soldier for example.
  • 17 hours of wakefulness is the equivalent of performing with two glasses of wine in your blood stream.

Sleep deprivation then is a serious problem and if you suffer from insomnia you should consider investing in a memory foam mattress to help reduce tossing and turning and disrupted sleep. Sleep deprivation has been blamed for: 

  • Chernobyl
  • Three Mile Island
  • Exxon Valdez
  • The Challenger shuttle explosion

It is no surprise then that the memory foam mattress was designed by NASA scientists – sleep deprivation can cost lives if it impacts on people in key and vital positions such as astronauts, politicians, medics and technicians. 

If you are not sleeping well, it could be that you simply need a more comfortable mattress. The memory foam mattress moulds to your body and relieves pressure points. But if you continue to suffer from sleeplessness after investing in a memory foam mattress then it could be symptomatic of something deeper such as stress, high blood pressure, or a psychological trauma or anxiety.

Trusleep provide high quality memory foam mattresses at competitive prices. Trusleep memory foam mattresses are available online with free next day delivery and come with a ten year guarantee. Made in the UK, the mattresses conform to all safety and flammability standards. The memory foam mattress is ideal for back pain sufferers, relives pressure and moulds to individual body shapes. To find out more contact Trusleep, telephone 01254 268871 or E-mail: 

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