Memory Foam Mattress Sweet Dreams

If you buy a memory foam mattress get ready for some REM sleep sweet dreams!

Memory foam mattress aids dreams 

If you dont fall into a deep enough sleep for long enough its hard to dream. Whether you day dream of winning the lottery, dating Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or being a internationally famous football player chances are your real dreams are more elusive, complex and confusing. But dreams certainly enrich our sleeping hours and its important to invest in a memory foam mattress and a good bed in order to ensure quality dream time.

What does it all mean? 

Dreams have always been a mystery and there are countless numbers of books packed with dream theories and translations. Some of us remember our dreams vividly, others dont if you have a memory foam mattress youll feel ready to fall into the heaviest of slumbers. The memory foam moulds with your body and supports all pressure points so you feel like your floating. A memory foam mattress supports your body so your mind feels free to dream.

Memory foam mattress a lifetime investment 

As much as six years of an average lifetime is spent dreaming. When you look at it that way, investing in a good memory foam mattress is just as important as any other investment in your waking life that improves the quality and comfort of your life. But why do we dream so much? Throughout history, before memory foam mattresses or sleeping aids were invented, dreams were considered to be linked often with spiritual belief systems. Some cultures felt dreams were part of the hidden wishes of the soul.


If we dont however reach REM we are unlikely to dream which is why its important to invest in a memory foam mattress and other sleeping aids. It takes about ninety minutes to reach REM once we have fallen asleep. What happens during REM? 

  • Blood pressure rises
  • Heart rate and respiration speed up
  • Eye movement darts back and forth
  • The majority of dreaming takes place

Sleep deprivation 

If you do not suffer from sleep disorders and have a good bed or memory foam mattress, then on average you will dream four to seven times for one to two hours a night. Sleep deprivation has been commonly used as a form of torture for hundreds of years. A memory foam mattress is the ultimate sleep luxury, but being forced to awaken either through torture or because of something more mundane like a lumpy mattress deprives us of dreams. If you are deprived of sleep, its been researched that youre more likely to plunge straight into REM to try and make up for the dream deprivation. Some believe our bodies need to dream and it is an essential part of maintaining a psychological as well as physical health.

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