Memory Foam Mattress - Sleep Well, Stay Trim

As the nation worries more and more about obesity, the secret to the problem could lie in a memory foam mattress. Scientists have discovered poor sleep can make you pile on the pounds!

Memory Foam Mattress – Forget the diet!

It seems all those hours obsessing over calories and going on cabbage diets could all be wasted if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. There are many reasons why poor sleep can have an impact on your weight. Being overly tired, constantly run down or exhausted during the day are all symptoms of poor sleep habits. This is why it’s important to invest in a good quality memory foam mattress to maximise your chances of good quality, undisturbed sleep. Research has shown that increased tiredness and stress mean we are less likely to take exercise. Regular exercise is vital to help deal with stress as well as helping to control weight. But the more tired we feel, the worse we feel, the less likely we are to want to do any exercise. It’s a vicious circle. One way to break this circle is to invest in a memory foam mattress and start to look seriously at how you can improve your sleep environment.

Memory foam mattress, exercise and lifestyle

Exercise can help stress, stress interferes with sleep, so taking a brisk walk or swim and doing an exercise that you enjoy can work wonders on your sleep pattern. To loose weight you should be thinking of doing 90 minutes of exercise a day. The exercise along with a memory foam mattress and eliminating stimulants several hours before bedtime will all help encourage healthy sleep patterns.

Too little sleep can make you fat

But it isn’t just about being too tired to exercise. Too little sleep, research shows, may increase your chance of becoming obese. Those that slept less than four hours a night were 73% more likely to be obese. Lack of sleep can be caused by stress, lifestyle factors or poor sleep conditions, which is why you should invest in a good quality memory foam mattress. It’s thought that lack of sleep impacts on appetite hormones, according to the study by Columbia University.

More research is being undertaken in the field of obesity as concerns grow obesity is reaching worrying heights. Why you should invest in a memory foam mattress: 

  • You are more likely to be obese the less sleep you have
  • If you sleep less than four hours a night, you are more at risk
  • If you sleep for five hours, you are 50% more likely to be obese
  • If you sleep for six, you are 23% more likely to be overweight

It isn’t simply about staying awake longer might mean you tend to eat more, snacking in front of the TV. Scientific evidence points to a connection between sleep deprivation and the neural pathways that regulate food intake. So if you want to watch your weight, you should do all you can to ensure a good night’s sleep, including using a memory foam mattress which will reduce tossing and turning and increase undisturbed, quality sleep.

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