Memory Foam Mattress – Sleep Positions

If you toss and turn all night and can’t find a sleep position that is comfortable, invest in a memory foam mattress.

Princess and the pea  

You know what it’s like – it’s the old princess and a pea under the mattress syndrome – all it takes is one little bump and you’ll end up tossing and turning all night. An old creaky spring, a sagging mattress or just lumps and bumps can all contribute to finding a perfect sleep position impossible. A memory foam mattress however has no springs and moulds with the contours of your body, the memory foam shapes itself to your weight and is heat sensitive. So when you find the perfect sleep position, the memory foam mattress helps you to sink into it peacefully, instead of throwing bumps, springs and lumps back at your weary bones.

Memory foam mattress for the ideal sleep position 

But sleep positions are more than just finding a place of comfort. If you have a memory foam mattress you don’t have to search out for the ideal spot on the mattress, because every spot is ideal. You can sleep on your back, side, and front or in the foetal position – either way that suits, the memory foam mattress will accommodate. And these sleep positions scientists say reveal a lot about our personalities.

Sleep positions and personality 

Six common sleeping positions have been identified and linked to a personality type. Your body will prefer a sleep position – and it’s important that you invest in a memory foam mattress to accommodate that position. The six positions/personalities are: 

  • The foetal position. 41% of people adopt this position and the majority are women. It’s said the foetal position is favoured by those who are tough but with a soft heart.
  • The log. Around 15% of those who took part in the research preferred the log – sleeping with both arms by your side and lying on your side. If you prefer the log you are said to be easy going, trusting and gullible.
  • If you have a memory foam mattress it will support whatever position you adopt and make you feel like you are floating – easing every pressure point. The Yearner – where you sleep on your side with your arms in front – has an open nature but can be cynical and steadfast in their opinions.
  • If you lie on your back with your arms pinned to the side, your favoured sleep position is The Soldier. The 8% of us who adopt this position are quiet, reserved and perfectionists.
  • The Freefall is lying on your front with your hands on the pillow and head to one side. You’ll tend to be gregarious but thin skinned to negative comments.
  • Only 5% favoured the Starfish – on your back with arms up around the pillow. They tend to be reliable, open to others and helpful.

Being able to sleep soundly in a comfortable position depends on your mattress, which is why so many sleepers are opting for a memory foam mattress. Being free to sleep in whichever position you prefer can have health effects such as good digestion and impact on whether you snore or not.

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