Memory Foam Mattress – Poor Sleep, Poor Health

Many of us are concerned that poor sleeping habits are impacting on our health, which is why you should invest in a good quality memory foam mattress, and ditch the unhealthy bedtime routine. 

It’s easy to get home from a stressful day at work and reach for the wine to unwind, the coffee for an extra boost, or the cigarettes if you smoke, to relax. Before you know it you are in a routine of habits that rely on stimulants. The truth is, all these things will interfere with a good night’s sleep. Our hectic lifestyles and also perhaps the fact that many people don’t think twice about the quality of their mattresses all combine to create a restless nation. But more and more of us are aware that investing in a good quality memory foam mattress and addressing our lifestyles are vital in order to get a good night’s sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress – Fix your Health 

In previous years, memory foam was only used exclusively for hospitals or pilots’ seats in aeroplanes – but in recent years, memory foam is now used in memory foam mattresses. The memory foam mattress has revolutionized how many people sleep. What was once just for the privileged and for exclusive use is now available to all consumers. The memory foam mattress moulds to the body and creates an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep – eliminating back pain or neck cricks, and helping you get into healthy sleep patterns.

The poor sleep epidemic is affecting almost half of the nation according to a sleep expert at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Dr Neil Stanley said almost half of us were worried about the lack of sleep. 

  • A third of those questioned said they felt constantly run down
  • 28% said that they suffered from stress
  • 25% were worried about depression
  • Nearly half complained of too little sleep

Memory foam mattress – the missing factor? 

A memory foam mattress could be the missing factor that helps those who are worried about their poor quality sleep patterns. Often a poor mattress can result in increased tossing and turning causing interrupted and disturbed sleep. Despite the hot health topics such as obesity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption – the survey showed that poor sleep was a in fact bigger worry for the majority of people.

Tired society 

Sleep deprivation can have a knock on effect on things like exercise and diet because people feel too tired to make the effort. But the problem is that many people focus on the symptoms of poor sleep such as lack of concentration, feeling run down and stressed or even feeling depressed, and don’t examine the causes. Lifestyle factors certainly have an impact on the quality of your sleep – but it’s important to ensure your sleep space is conducive to good quality sleep. Bedrooms should be peaceful, calm places and the bed should feature a good quality memory foam mattress and be a place of comfort.

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