2-for-1 Memory Foam Pillows with Ortho Offer


Buy One Get One Free!  
New TRUSLEEP 2-for-1 Memory Foam Pillow Offer

This is a genuine offer and is in addition to the current TRUSLEEP SALE! offers. It is important to note that (as with some retailers) the cost of the free pillow has not been covered by increasing the prices of our mattresses or pillows.

Also, the pillows are from regular stock and their quality has not been compromised for the promotion in any way. In other words, we have not made 'special' freebie spec pillows to give away. You get the the genuine article!

How long is the offer running?

This is a ONE MONTH ONLY offer and applies to all Memory Foam Mattress purchases made on and between the following dates:

Thursday 20th December 2018 to Sunday 20th January 2019

How does it work?

Simple, select and order any ONE memory foam pillow from the TRUSLEEP Memory Foam Pillows range together with a Trusleep ORTHO memory foam mattress and we will send you a matching second pillow for FREE!

Which Mattress models does the Buy One Get One Free pillow offer apply to?

This offer only applies when you place an order for a mattress (any size) from the Trusleep ORTHO memory foam mattress range and purchase one pillow at the same time:


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What if I order TWO pillows with a memory foam mattress, will I recieve TWO pillows free?

Unfortunately, No. You will still only recieve one free pillow.

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For further information on the Trusleep 2-for-1 Pillow Offer or other products and services give us call on 08456 887001 or email



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